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Our aim is to act quickly and appropriately with help, financial and moral support, and logistical assistance during any humanitarian crisis that may erupt in South Africa in the future.

Such events occur with some regularity. We have only to think of the recent Life Esidimeni tragedy, where 200 people died from mismanagement and neglect, and the more recent wave of xenophobic violence that swept through Gauteng and elsewhere.

Our aim is to be fast and effective, and to mobilise schools, companies and others when such injustices occur. Details have yet to be fine-tuned but we are establishing a fund and liaising with the many NGOs and corporates with whom we are in regular contact and we are launching the #ACTTOAFFECT Campaign. Look out for it in the coming months.

For more information about how you can partner with AFFECT or ACT TO AFFECT please email:

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